A Key Component of the Larger Provincial BPRC Strategy
With the region’s demographics and continuing risk patterns, it’s social ‘feeder system,’ trending upwards, the arrest rates set to double within the decade, and the increasing costs of policing, it was clear that to have any true impact on community safety there needed to be a change to the inputs: there needed to be a fundamental change to the overall approach.

The Community Mobilization Prince Albert (CMPA) project represents a tremendous effort by many community leaders since 2009. This exciting initiative has been a ‘first of its kind’ approach to building safer communities and reducing crime both in Saskatchewan, and across Canada, and is being closely examined beyond our borders as a model for advancing community safety and wellness.

Who We Are:

CMPA is comprised of 2 components, the Hub and the COR which work in different ways and at different levels to help address the growing needs of the community to improve community safety and wellness.

The Hub meets twice weekly to address situations of elevated levels of risk for individuals or the community at large. For example, this might be an elevated risk of re-offending, relapsing on a treatment plan, becoming a victim or becoming homeless, etc. The COR works to identify opportunities for change in the broader system to address the needs of the community.

The individuals around both tables are individuals from within the community or who deal with the community and its surrounding areas.

Our Mission Statement

Building safer and healthier communities, reducing crime and victimization; accomplished through the timely mobilization of appropriate resources to address individuals/families with acutely elevated levels of risk as recognized across a range of service providers.

Our Mandate

CMPA is an effective 2 tiered, integrated multi-agency team working in collaboration. The first layer, The HUB, is tasked with identifying risk of individuals and families and mobilizing appropriate services. The second level, The COR, works on a broader focus of long-term community goals and initiatives, possible systemic recommendations arrived at via experience, research and analysis.