A Key Component of the Larger Provincial BPRC Strategy

On behalf of the entire CMPA Team, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for visiting our web site.

Community Mobilization: Prince Albert (CMPA) represents a tremendous effort by many. This exciting initiative is the first of its kind in our nation that has attracted considerable attention since we first moved forward with our Hub model in February 2011 with expressions of interest from within our own province and elsewhere in Canada. As Executive Director, I can say with confidence that our whole team welcomes these inquiries. Not only do they continue to reinforce and validate our work, but these inquiries and the resulting discussions we have with others help us learn together. We know we are on to something different and exciting. But, we also know we must continue to refine and adjust in order to create something truly sustainable. It’s certainly larger than any one individual/agency and may become the “sputnik moment” in our nation’s ongoing effort as a society in redefining our approach to crime reduction and building safer and healthier communities for all our citizens, especially those most marginalized by a variety of social and economic factors.

Although our model seems relatively new, since we did not activate the main elements until this past year, we have actually invested three years in the development of CMPA. Much of that time and effort was invested into two vital areas: building the solid and well-informed partnerships essential to the model’s operation; and, cultivating the support of key decision makers in our community and our province. Currently, our work is energizing the national dialogue from hard/soft on crime to a more balanced discussion, ‘Smart on Community Safety’.

This website is organized in such a way as to inform our visitors of our ongoing work and spawn interactive dialogue, as well as, to speak to and assist local leadership to those communities wishing to replicate our model, from whatever disciplines it might emerge. It is never easy to bring together people who work in different professions, and who may see the problems and challenges in their community through differing lenses. It is equally challenging to change the day-to-day reflexes and the complex modern systems that characterize our human services and our criminal justice practices. This takes committed leadership, not to mention considerable patience and diplomacy. We hope this website proves instructive in this regard.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like to take an even closer look.

Executive Director