A Key Component of the Larger Provincial BPRC Strategy
“Everyone can have a piece of the puzzle… the Hub brings all the players together”
The Hub:

The Hub is the component where our team of designated staff from community agencies and government ministries meet twice weekly to address specific situations regarding clients facing elevated levels of risk, and develop immediate, coordinated and integrated responses through the mobilization of resources.

The Hub is not a service delivery mechanism, but rather a new way of utilizing and mobilizing those systems and resources already in place in different, unified, and dynamic ways to address specific situations of elevated risk, for which an integrated approach is required. Hub process operates from a risk driven notion rather than dependence upon incident driven response.

The Hub does not perform case management, nor does it have cases. Its purpose is to mitigate risk within 24-48 hours and connect individuals and families to services. Case management functions remain with the most appropriate agency as determined by the Hub table.

The COR:

The Centre of Responsibility (COR) is the component whose focus is on the broader notion of community safety and wellness and with an eye towards longer-term community goals and initiatives.

Our COR is staffed by several full time sectoral specialists, each representing an in-kind contribution by the various member agencies and disciplines. In addition, we also have specially qualified analysts, administrative support and our CMPA Executive Director. Working together, the multi-disciplinary COR team seeks to analyze trends, measure and report on progress and outcomes achieved across the communities served by the PA Hub, and to identify and propose opportunities and recommendations for systemic changes and actions in the Prince Albert region and/or at the provincial level.

The role of the COR is to engage in collaborative analysis of Hub data and other recognized trends and data sources which serve to inform the identification of high value opportunities for systemic change. All information used for analysis at the COR is de-identified in compliance with privacy provisions, and in recognition that the COR staff members are not engaged in acutely elevated risk interventions. The COR is also not a facility for complex case management.

For best alignment with the spirit and intentions of the BPRC information sharing guidelines, the individuals dedicated to a COR should not typically be the same as those who will be either operating at a Hub table, or serving on a local Steering Committee. Exceptions to this may occur, but in such cases, additional measures may be necessary to ensure that privacy considerations are carefully managed, and that roles remain clear.

Not all communities with a Hub will require a COR as experience has shown that this level of analysis can be done effectively and efficiently on a regional basis, and a COR requires an additional investment of dedicated resources, tools, and specific skill sets. The province is currently evaluating, together with the BPRC Enterprise Group, the need and appropriate site(s) for (an) additional Centre(s) of Responsibility to support the growing and diverse database of risk and trend information arising from multiple Hubs.